Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

Milano Trema: La Polizia Vuole Giustizia

Release Notes
  • LP 180gr. | Limited Edition of 500 copies
  • Inner sleeve with original movie artworks included

“Milano trema: la polizia vuole giustizia” (aka “The violent professionals”) is the first Police movie directed by Sergio Martino in 1973. The movie is placet in a violent Milan where in tangible way the alarming and fool of fears mood reigns that characterized life in the big Italian cities in the so called “Anni di piombo” (“Lead years”). Martino tells the story of commissioner Caneparo (Luc Merenda) who, after being suspended in his service, for his unorthodox ways, he wants getting revenge for a colleague’s death. The fearless cop introduces himself in the criminal world, finding favor with a criminal gang…after a series of bloody robberies , very fast chases in the streets of Milan.