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V/A (Distro Bundles)

Dad Rock Bundle

Release Notes
  • This bundle includes the following albums:

    1. Dark – Anonymous Days (VOID58)
    2. Richard Barone – Sorrows & Promises: Greenwich Village In The 1960s (STS-017)
    3. The Dream – Get Dreamy (7") (R2LP007)
    4. Jerusalem – Kamakazi Moth/Frustration (ROCK063-V-1)
    5. Powder Blue Tux – Container Zero/Mayfair (7") (P009)

This guitar-heavy bundle beckons to the inner (or outer) dad in all of us. Shred your existential dread and give yourself up to some good ol’ fashioned psych rock, prog, 60’s singer-songwriter ballads, fat chords, and soulful AOR grooves from the golden age of Dad-core. They just don’t make ’em like they used to, man.