Mommy Long Legs

Rock Product

Release Notes
  • First time on vinyl
  • 3rd EP by Mommy Long Legs

“The reigning queens of Seattle sing-along basement punk, Mommy Long Legs, just put out their rippingest EP yet. That’s a feat, considering their first record was straight-up titled Life Rips. So what changed? Rock Product is still classic Mommy Long Legs—the barfcore four-piece’s tunes are still built on summery, surfed-out riffs and some of the most fun lyrics in town (one line in lead track “Diva Night” simply goes “69/420/69/Six-ty-niiiiiine!”). The difference here is in the recording and production—Rock Product is the hardest-hitting, most brilliantly blown-out the band has sounded so far, a shift courtesy of Seattle’s DIY punk producer extraordinaire Ian Kurtis Crist. The crunchy, red-line compression on these tracks suits Mommy Long Legs’ life-affirming racket perfectly. When the crushing opening chords on “Dick Move” come in after the tune’s jokey, noodly intro, they absolutely pummel you. If you’ve never experienced Mommy Long Legs live (which you should as soon as possible), Rock Product is the closest the band has come to replicating that transcendental experience on record.”