Son House

Father Of The Delta Blues: Complete 1965 Sessions

PPAN 9217
Release Notes

• Recorded: on the 12th to 14th April 1965, at Columbia’s New York City studios.
• Original recordings produced by: John Hammond and Frank Driggs
• Mastered by Ray Staff from the original analogue master tapes
• Pressed on 180 gram vinyl by Pallas

House’s recording session ran over a few days and saw the studio set up like a small club with an invited audience. I remember John (Hammond) running around crazed, as was Son’s manager, Dick Waterman (a man to whom Son owed everything). Al Wilson of Canned Heat was sat alongside Son, and once the recording started occasionally played harp and guitar. He appeared to have a decidedly calming influence on House, who throughout would turn to him to discuss various things. Once things had begun Son was quite nervous but ever so slowly, as time wore on, the emotional intensity of his performance transported one back to the Mississippi Delta c. 1930 when Son, as a young man, ruled the roost along with Delta legend Charlie Patton. And today, many years later, the images are frozen pieces of time, forever stored in my memory.