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Wooden Wand

Wooden Wand - Archives Vol. 3 - Individual LP's

Release Notes

• Limited Edition of 100 of each lp in silkscreened sleeves

Wooden Wand - Archives Vol. 3 - Individual LP's
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A culling of the archives of the ridiculously prolific Wooden Wand (James Jackson Toth). Cut down from over 700 songs, this archive series features some of the finest post-outlaw country songwriting from one of the best post-outlaw songwriters in the world.

LP #1 Hard Bargains Contains the more “rocking” Toth tunes, mostly full band style recording with a heavier groove to it.

LP #2 Roadside Peaches Contains the lesser seen Toth song-type… the sincere, sweet, love songs.

LP #3 Visiting Hours & Other Missteps Is full of the more Downer-type tunes. But don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of giggle-worthy moments despite the somber tone. A good disc for fans of Born Bad.

LP #4 Get Right With Goddess Contains a really good mixed bag of mostly acoustic tunes.

LP #5 Preparing An Audience Much like Tom Waits, Wand often writes tunes from the perspective of a character. Whereas Waits’ protagonist is a down-on-his-luck, hard living, skid row bum, Toth’s is more of a self-loathing, hard living, smarmy Southern jerk. This lp compiles some of the best tunes from that perspective.

LP #6 Five Alive/First Songs Is a collection of the lower-fidelity tunes, many of which are very old, and give a really good glimpse into a little different Wand than you are used to. Runs the gamut of recording type and vocal style.