Killer Scratches

Release Notes

• Limited Edition of 1,500
• Skipless / Traditional 7” Scratch Vinyl
• Features SFX from the original Killer Instinct
• Album Design by Cory Schmitz
• Produced in collaboration with the Texas Scratch League

Killer Scratches
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Killer Scratches
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Killer Scratches
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Killer Scratches
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What’s a Scratch Record?

Designed specifically for DJs, a scratch record is used during live performances and mashups. It’s chock-full of Killer Instinct arcade sound effects and phrases to amplify the concert experiences.

Skipless Side.

On this side, the sound effects are arranged to be repetitive and in rotation time with the needle. This skipless side offers a Turntablist the opportunity to scratch the vocal phrases and SFX of Killer Instinct without ever noticing a needle jump. You can find your favorite sound bites on this side, use them to create multiple scratch combinations and never miss a beat!

Traditional Side.

The traditional side allows the Tablist to remix Killer Instinct in their own unique style. Here, sound bites are broken up with larger gaps, providing longer loops for an even more customized performance.