Jakob Schmid

140 Soundtrack

Release Notes
  • Limited Picture Disc Vinyl (edition of 1400)
  • Music by Jakob Schmid
  • Album Art by Niels Fyrst & Andreas Arnild Peitersen
  • Includes 140 Steam Game Code
140 Soundtrack
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140 Soundtrack
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140 Soundtrack
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Some things defy description. 140 is one of those things.

We call it a “thing,” because it’s not simply a game – it’s a mystical, modern marvel of design, providing players with god-like control over a geometric universe of harsh shapes and sharp colors. It’s trippy, foreboding and all-consuming.

Jakob Schmid’s music is not just an extracted track list – it’s a custom, unique memory of the 140 gameplay experience, massaged and manipulated for the exact purpose of waxy, listening indulgence. Fused with a hypnotizing package design by Niels Fyrst & Andreas Arnild Peitersen (who also collaborated on the game), this is one those rare albums that, given your full attention, will transport you to a higher spectral plane.