Recombo DNA

Release Notes
  • 4 × 140g vinyl LP sets with 3” mini CD: Petri Dish (“Petri”), Emergency Codes (“911”) or Molecular Mutation (“Mutation”)
  • Limited edition vinyl colours
  • Includes 6 never before heard bonus tracks from the archives and several additional audio clips
  • Huge double sided poster
  • Liner notes by Jerry Casale of DEVO
  • Redux artwork
Recombo DNA
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Recombo DNA
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Recombo DNA
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For decades DEVO have been working non-stop at Recombo DNA Laboratories on a new kind of research to keep up with the mutating world around us! That extensive research is now ready for public consumption.

For the first time ever on vinyl FUTURISMO present unhindered access into DEVO’s labs, documenting the scientific analysis and demonstrations as conducted by the band between the years 1977-2008! This tireless research has manifested itself in Recombo DNA… an unmissable collection of studio demos and unreleased rare tracks that span DEVO’s entire recording career, from their original basement days to their famed ’Freedom Of Choice’ era, right the way through to unused demos from their last studio album, included as part of the six bonus tracks taken from the archives that have never been released, or even heard before.

This incredible limited edition 4xLP set is a sonic fusion of demos, alternate versions and outtakes, demonstrating the true breadth and talent of one of America’s most important bands. Yet, this set doesn’t stop at four beautiful slabs of mutated vinyl, oh no! also included is ’The Somewhere Suite’ served up on the format it was originally intended to be back in the May of ‘89, although it was never actually released at the time, it’s contained here in all it’s glory on 3” Mini CD!

This summer FUTURISMO give every DEVO fan the release they’ve been waiting for, a one time pressing of DEVO’s Recombo DNA! Each set includes 4×140g limited edition coloured vinyl in the choice of ‘Petri Dish’, ‘Emergency Codes’ or ‘Molecular Mutation’ and a 3” Mini CD. Contained within the wide spined sleeve alongside this fanatastic devolved collection of recordings and bonus tracks, is a huge A1 poster, colour inner sleeves, download code and brand new liner notes by Gerald V Casale of Devo. DEVO’s Recombo DNA is an essential addition to the collection of any science fearing spud, so grab you’re lab coat and witness audio mutation in action! Only while stocks last.