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V/A (Distro Bundles)

You're Standing On My Neck

Release Notes
  • This bundle includes the following albums:

    1. Alan Vega – S/T (White LP) (FUTNO26B)
    2. Camberwell Now – The Ghost Trade (MCR 921)
    3. Chastity Belt – No Regerts (HY002LP)
    4. Bloodloss – S/T (STR-005)

With our current administration stirring up so much (completely warranted) angst and upheaval, we thought you could use some good clean post-punk to help thrash your tears and fears away. These picks oscillate between refreshed riot grrl, deconstructed electro punk, frenetic art-noise, and some scrappy, angular DIY punk. Rise up and rock out, my dudes and dudettes.