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Private Life

Release Notes
  • Pressed on vinyl

Garrett came from the inside of his own mind, from within a home recording studio somewhere on planet Earth. The Private Life of creative awareness and the music captured here is the visceral offering to all outside. Every one of us has a Private Life. This is Garrett’s…"

Music From Memory grab the key to the door with a gorgeous long-player of horizontal synth funk and groove heavy new age from the hitherto anonymous Garrett. Now at risk of jumping the gun, letting the cat out of the bag and ending up with egg on my face, a bullet in my gullet and fur all over the carpet, I’m gonna stick my neck out (much like Carlton Palmer) and suggest that Garret is in fact Damon Garrett Riddick AKA Dam-Funk. Look beyond the similar name and listen closely and you’ll hear those familiar spiraling sequences, gliding basslines and horizontal drum machines. After the frenetic, Jarre-esque opener, we drop into poolside boogie with “Right Now” and coastal cooler “Slow Motion”. “It’s Time” closes out side A-side with a waltzing drumbox, woozy keys and a touch of sunstroke before the B-side kicks off via the Balearic calm of “Sweet Dreams”, an extensive, expansive cut you’ll be hearing a lot in South Central Manchester this summer. From there “Home” delivers cosmic boogie with a heartbreaking melody, “The End Theme” dabbles with jazz and IC style experimentation before “Sweet Dreams” brings down the house with sparkling Rhodes, subtle bass and swooning melodies.