Gianni Maroccolo

Nulla E' Andato Perso

Release Notes
  • Housed in a deluxe triple gatefold sleeve
  • Contains the three single LP’s plus two mini posters
  • Artwork by painter Claudio Capecchi, who has dedicated to his late friend Claudio Rocchi.
  • Includes a giant collage of photos documenting the story of the tour

The new album by Gianni Maroccolo, a triple LP, recorded live during the “Nulla è andato perso” tour. The album is a great document of the concerts of the homonymous tour undertaken by Gianni Maroccolo over the first six months of 2016 accompanied by Andrea Chimenti, Antonio Aiazzi, Beppe Brotto and Simone Filippi.

The show revolves around the songs of “VDB 23 / nulla è andato perso”, the latest studio album released by Gianni Maroccolo together with Claudio Rocchi, but the band played also songs that spawned the whole of Gianni’s career (Litfiba, CCCP, CSI). The disc opens with the long suite “Rinascere Hugs Suite”, the pivot of the project. Then the journey begins… “Peste”, “Versante Est”, “Inquieto”, “Elianto”, featuring the beautiful voice of Ginevra Di Marco, “Aria di Rivoluzione”, “La Battaglia” featuring Ghigo Renzulli on guitar, "Maria Walewska " and many others.