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Alan Vega

Alan Vega

Release Notes
  • Available in two different limited edition 180g colour vinyl: ‘Rockin’ Fireball’ (Trans Orange Marbled with Red and Yellow) & ‘Vapid City’ (Solid White Marbled with Black)
  • Never before reissued 1980 LP
  • Huge A1 Screenprinted Neon Poster
  • New Liner Notes by HENRY ROLLINS
  • Digital Download
  • Redux Artwork utilizing photography scanned from the original negatives

For the first time since it’s original release in 1980, FUTURISMO are proud to announce the reissue of the first solo Self-Titled LP by ALAN VEGA, one half of electro punk legends Suicide.

ALAN VEGA’s Self-Titled LP is a piece of work drenched in the musical influences of his teenage years, and an album that welded an unexpected hit in the stand out opener ‘Jukebox Babe’, a track of frantic rockabilly delivery and sparse instrumentation that seduces the listener by sculpting a sound that owed little to the 50’s revival yet everything to the sensibilities of rock ’n’ roll futurism.

Echoing the Suicide staple ‘Ghost Rider’ – itself a construct of repetitive rhythms and minimalist drones, punctuated by a classic vocal delivery that harnessed Gene Vincent, Elvis and the idols of Vega’s youth – ‘Jukebox Babe’ was the cornerstone to an artistic expression that ALAN VEGA continued to experiment with and implement throughout his solo Self-Titled LP and recordings beyond.

With Suicide he and Martin Rev were responsible for the deconstruction of punk rock, a catalyst for the musical and aesthetic blueprints of what became post-punk, industrial rock and even synth pop. On his Self-Titled solo outing he takes a side step into the deconstruction of rock ’n’ roll itself.

Coming 12th May 2017 for a worldwide release, FUTURISMO present ALAN VEGA’s Self-Titled LP on 180g Limited Coloured Vinyl, in the choice of two colours ‘Rockin Fireball’ and ‘Vapid City’. Contained within a neon printed sleeve that utilize scans from the original Curtis Knapp negatives, is a huge A1 Screenprinted Poster, a Digital Download of all the tracks, and to top it off brand new Liner Notes by musician and friend HENRY ROLLINS.

Having sadly passed away in 2016 this release is a tribute to his incredible talents and total lack of artistic fear, for fans of ALAN VEGA and Suicide this out of print gem is essential!