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Release Notes
  • First time on vinyl (red vinyl no less!) and limited to 300 numbered copies (originally released on 100 cassettes only)
  • Remastered by Andrew McHugh and cut by Bob Weston
  • Liner notes by Stuart Gray (AKA STU SPASM) of Lubricated Goat

Traversing the diverse and weird underbelly of post punk Australia, Adelaide’s Bloodloss carved out its own strange and lasting musical path.

Originally formed in Sydney in 1982 by Renestair E.J., Sharron Weatherill and Jim Selene, by 1986 Bloodloss had already gone through numerous line-ups, a name change (Zulu Rattle) and eventual break-up. Reuniting in Adelaide with new and former members, including local drummer Martin Bland, Adelaide’s Greasy Pop Records released their first two full-length outings: 1986’s Bloodloss (Self-titled) and Human Skin Suit (1988). These releases were the only recordings to feature a female lead vocalist in Sharron Weatherill.

Bloodloss s/t is a lo-fi cacophony of angular post punk, peppered with free-form mayhem and grungy backbeats, and fits nicely among the output of other Australian bands of the time. Listening to this incarnation of Bloodloss, it seems not surprising that legendary Seattle growler Mark Arm would later join the mix and help propel the band through much of the 90s.