V/A (Distro Bundles)

Stoners & Loners

Release Notes
  • This bundle includes the following albums:

    1. Bobby Brown – Prayers Of A One Man Band (DRR001)
    2. Tiny Tim – Tiny Tim’s America (STS-008)
    3. The Deep – Psychedelic Moods (LIONLP-150)
    4. Andrew Hung – The Greasy Strangler (DWO72)
    5. Phyl Sheridan – Simple Things (TFR-001)

    … Drugs not included.

Let these 5 trippy and atmospheric titles work their odd duck magic on your open mind. Bobby Brown enchants with his homemade instruments and cosmic vocals while Tiny Tim does… whatever it is that he does. Phyl Sheridan adds some Northwest-tinged sunshine to the mix, in a home schooled kind of way – keep him away from the freaky deaky beats of The Greasy Strangler (OST). Anyway, kick back and relax – this 5 LP bundle is more indica than sativa.