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Fabio Fabor

Mr. Diabolicus

Release Notes
  • LP reissue + bonus CD library

Weird sounds that definitely live up to the diabolicus and mysterious names promised in the title – as these instrumentals all feel like they’ve been pulled from some very spooky films from the 60s! The music here is sometimes a bit darker than other records you’ll know from Fabio Fabor – but in a way that only makes things even more interesting – especially when Fabor uses familiar instruments in unfamiliar ways – getting weird tunings from piano strings or vibes, making waves of sound with organ, and finding a way to create tension, while still keeping things relatively melodic and tuneful overall! There’s a really great, really unique sound to the whole set – not one of those too-atonal Italian sound library records, but also never that light or dreamy either. Titles include “Fantastic Gallop”, “Sea Melody”, “Onde Magnetiche”, “Idillo Cosmico”, “Tensione Atmosferica”, “Reverberations”, and “Neutroni”.