Rocchi, Chiarosi, & Fabor


Release Notes
  • LP reissue + bonus CD library

Some of the most offbeat music we’ve heard from Italian musician Oscar Rocchi – a set that’s not nearly as jazzy as some of his other work of the time, and which instead serves as a wonderfully experimental approach to keyboards! The set’s done in collaboration with Fabio Fabor (and has Rocchi also working under the pseudonym of Chiarosi) – and the sounds come from a huge variety of keys – including mellotron, moog, spinet, clavicembelo, celeste, organ, and electric piano – but all used in very different ways! This isn’t any sort of Herbie Hancock-like date, or a moog fiesta – but it’s also not completely avant, either – as some tunes have a floating, spacious quality that recalls some of Fabor’s own instrumental albums, while others have some darker corners that feel like an Italian horror score. The whole thing’s got a fair bit of depth – way more than just some studio noodling, with some really well-conceived songs – and titles include “Quiet Theme”, “Designazione”, “Toccatta 2000”, “Elettroterapia”, “Nero Sud”, “Industrial Shok”, “Tastodrama”, and “Allucinazione”.