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Twenty years after the huge success of ‘Five Greeks in Hell’, Trikont’s first Rembetika compilation, comes a new CD of early, rare and uncensored recordings from the seedy underbelly of Greek culture, featuring such legendary singers of the old Rembetika style as Anestis Delias, Markos Vamvakaris, Jovan Tsaous, Jorgos Batis, Jorgos Katsaros, and many others.

Rembetika is to Greece what Flamenco is to Spain, Fado to ortugal and Tango to Argentina. It originated during the late 19th century, becoming the folk music of the cities, sung by the social outcast, the criminal and the dispossessed, the so-called “rembetes” and “manges”, in the illegal hashish taverns of the urban underground. Hard gut-wrenching songs of passion, drugs, jail, disease and death. The blues of the Greek peninsular.