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Jess Rotter

I'm Bored

Release Notes
  • Hardcover, 88 pages
  • 61⁄2 × 51⁄2 in. | 16.51 × 13.97 cm
  • Foreword by Kate and Laura Mulleavy
I'm Bored
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A wizard paddles on a lonely sea, his flag proclaiming “I’m trying.” An ostrich hitchhikes in the desert, holding up a sign with her destination—“Bliss.” A walrus in an AC/DC shirt looks calmly at the viewer beneath a permanent refrain of, “I’m bored.”… Part art book, part comic book compilation, and a skeptical but loving take on “Successories” motivational posters for the office, I’m Bored features the whimsical, wonderfully whacked-out work of artist and illustrator Jess Rotter.

Designed by the artist and with a foreword/toast by Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, I’m Bored is a Gary-Larson-meets-The Muppets variety show, a terrific trip composed of recurring illustrated characters—ranging from walruses to wizards to life warriors—who are all, like the rest of us, seeking their daily salvation.