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Oronzo De Filippi

Favole Per Ogni Età

Release Notes
  • Eclectic library tunes from the illustrious Oronzo De Filippi of Braen’s Machine

Oronzo De Filippi (aka Rino De Filippi, Awake, Rigesti), a member of Braen’s Machine, is one of the most enigmatic figures of the Italian library scene, although it is reductive and simplistic to frame him in an exclusive genre already varied landscape. De Filippi moves with surprising versatility through the mesh of psychedelia, avant-garde, jingle, lullabies and more orthodox library.

The standout song “Melodia Drammatica” is a fiery attack, characterized by a fast and enveloping psych groove; Bambola Triste is straight out of the soundtrack to a spaghetti western film, and, finally, Mercato Arabo: a hypnotic and refined tribal jewel in which voice and organ alternate themselves to paint oriental soundscapes.