Pianica Maeda & Good Baites

Just You Just Me

Release Notes
  • English liner notes

EMC-005 is a replica of the inaugural release from the Nutmeg label, with the original’s music and cover transported intact from 1989 Tokyo. Recorded live-to-tape in a small bar in Shimokitazawa, this release features two loosely swinging, loving covers of the classic songs “Just You Just Me” and “South of the Border”. The melodic and wistful melodica of Pianica Maeda, who appeared on the Tomatos 7-inch (EMC-004), is accompanied here by a group billed as Good Baites, which was organized by Kiyoshi Matsutakeya, the leader of Tomatos. Also present, supplying some fine upright bass work, is the renowned Takayoshi Matsunaga. A lovely, pleasing record.