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Minimal Compact

One By One

Release Notes
  • First time reissued on Vinyl since 1982
  • Available for the first time in the USA
  • Debut album from the groundbreaking and influential art-rock/new wave
  • Produced by Dick Polack (Mecano) and Marc Hollander (aka Aksak Maboul)
  • 180 Gram Vinyl housed in Tip-On Jacket (with Original artwork)
  • Limited to 500 units (worldwide)

First time reissued on Vinyl since the mid-80’s, The four studio albums and live album from groundbreaking and influential art-rock/new wave band Minimal Compact are now available on 180 gram vinyl!

Originally from Tel-Aviv, Minimal Compact emerged into the European new-wave scene after relocating to Amsterdam in the early eighties. Their first self-titled 12" released in 1981 (and produced by Dick Polack of Mecano fame with Marc Hollander aka Aksak Maboul and founder of Crammed Records) was a refreshing take on contemporary new wave and post-punk led by their underground hit “Statik Dancin”. First Impression was reached, but breakthrough was made a year later with their debut full-length, “One By One”, also produced by Polack and Hollander, and exploring a distinguished Middle-Eastern sonic flavor with an angular and poignant guitar sound intersecting with hazy vocals, mostly notable on such tracks as “Babylonian Tower” and “Orkha Bamidbar (The Wandering Song)”.