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V/A (distro)

Hawai'i Authentic: The Pre-War Era, Vol. 2 (1927 - 1936)

Release Notes
  • Epic island cuts from the pre-war era!

Welcome back for your next installment of early Hawai’ian Music recordings. For this volume, we’ve decided to branch outwards and allow more continental recordings as well as English sung lyrics. On this volume, you will find Hawai’ian soloist playing in more conventional Jazz idioms as well as Hawai’ian vocalists working with American / European bands. This part of the series is mean to show the seamless integration of the native Folk music of the islands deeper into the cultural exchange of American music genres.

Bandleader and instrumentalists such as Sol Hoopi, featured here in a way to accurately represent his robust influence, became very popular and in-demand the world over. Of course, as if often the case, this sound eventually became gentrified and diluted as the original melange of traditional Hawai’ian folk, Hapa Haole and Jazz was tempered to fit more commercial standards. Still, the sound of authentic Hawai’ian music returned to the islands where traditional artists such as slack-key genius Gabby Pahinui and traditional songstress Genoa Keawe kept the spirit of true Hawai’ian music alive after the Post-War era to this day.

While efforts were made in the mastering process to attain the highest possible audio quality, the limitations of the source 78s are evident. Do not, however, let that disturb your listening enjoyment or regard for their historical significance.