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On the Hi-Fi, Volume II

Release Notes
  • Limited Edition of 300
  • Follow up to the underground sleeper, On the Hi-Fi Vol I

San Francisco/Minneapolis based, SNICKERS, is some serious unsettling darkness balanced against gentle textures and tied together with cracked fuzz and warble. The first reference we could think of is the Residents Eskimo in particular but that still isn’t enough to get one started as a listener. Each side is a medley of short compositions with Lynch-ian dream-like states presented as though it were recorded from a radio and stored under Laura Palmer’s bed for the last couple of decades. It seems to lean heavily on the musical aspects but does have some hushed and obscured vocals giving it an outsider pop edge. The essence of Snickers is unplaceable. It has you searching for familiar comparisons that will never be easily satisfied. It’s probably just better to let go and be swept into its world.

Some words from Aquarius:
“The music is super lo-fi, an avant, abstract, minimal murk pop, wreathed in TONS of FX, swaths of blurred reverb, a soft focus haze that renders the whole thing washed out and fantastically faded. It’s a druggy, woozy, downer melancholia with nods to Sparklehorse, Sentridoh, the Supreme Dicks, and other home brewed pop oddities, a crystalline collection of warble and waver that we’re digging a whole lot.”