Roy Harper


Release Notes
  • Limited Edition
  • Recorded at Abbey Road Studio
  • Originally released 1971
  • Produced by Peter Jenner
  • Features Jimmy Page on ‘The Same Old Rock’
  • String arrangements by David Bedford
  • Packaged in deluxe gatefold sleeve
  • Original artwork with additional printed heavy inner sleeve including lyrics and extra notes
  • Artwork reproduced by Harry Pearce at Pentagram

Stormcock was born in 1969 as Harper began to stretch his wings. He’d been there a few times before, but this time he gave himself the space to go deep and stay there. “Hors D’Oeuvres” is perhaps the lightweight in the collection, but after all, it’s the starter… The Same Old Rock records Harper’s opposition to continued dependence on the cheap opium of convenient mass religion.

This year marks two important milestones for Roy Harper – his 75th birthday and 50 years of recording music. To celebrate, Roy will be performing four special concerts in September and releasing the first vinyl reissues of his classic albums, none of which have been available on vinyl for well over 20 years.