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Alain Pierre

Jan Zonder Vrees

Release Notes
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For the first time, Alain Pierre’s superb synthetic soundtrack to Jan Zonder Vrees, the first full length feature animation made in Flanders (the Dutch-speaking northern part of Belgium), comes to light on Stroom, a Ghent-based radio show which has now turned into a very promising label.

As spelt out in Jef Cassiers’ sleeve notes, composer Alain Pierre went above and beyond the call of duty to create the evocative soundtrack for Jan Zonder Vrees – or John The Fearless in english – presenting a total of 1238 individual effects for the 80 minute movie, when most soundtracks of that time would use only around 750.

Empirical evidence aside though, Pierre uses stacks of synths (ARP 2600 × 2, Oberheim OB-4voix, Roland Juno-6, Yamaha DX7, EMS AKS) organs, samplers, vocoders and FX to really captures a wide range of feelings individual to film’s Belgian provenance, from lowlands gloom and dry proto-techno drum machines to wistful baroque themes and night-gaze romance, with some crucially daft, even sozzled dance themes stirred in – it is a kid’s film after all.