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Deantoni Parks

Touch But Don't Look

Release Notes
  • For the first time ever on Vinyl
  • Limited 180g Vinyl including Digital Download

FLYING LOTUS, JOHN CALE, THE MARS VOLTA, KUDU and OMAR RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ are only some of the big players in music that DEANTONI PARKS has yet been collaborating with. For more than 20 years now PARKS has been working with numerous major league musicians leaving a lasting impression with his characteristic, highly virtuoso but at the same time minimalist style.

After years as a drummer in numerous projects, DEANTONI PARKS is now also successfully releasing material as a solo artist. 2015 marked the release of his solo album Technoself on Stones Throw, just four years after his solo debut Touch But Don’t Look had been released through Omar Rodriguez Lopez Productions. On here, the band is replaced by electronic instruments, the drums embedded in repetitive but at the same time unpredictable and varied electronic soundscapes. This is DEANTONI PARKS’ solo debut: electronic music determined by masterly and highly technical live drumming. On the margin between dance floor and avant-garde, Georgia-based drummer PARKS expands the borders between musical genres and styles without losing sight of a driving dance beat.

What PARKS is able to produce by himself with just a synthesizer, a sampler and a drum kit is most impressive. Even though his solo works have developed far from the sound of THE MARS VOLTA and OMAR RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ, PARKS gives an impressive presentation on this album on how masterly live drumming can be blended in with brute electronic sounds.

Touch But Don’t Look is now available for the first time in Europe and for the first time ever on vinyl through eliterecords. The limited 180g vinyl comes with a digital download of the album.