Saint Just

La Casa Del Lago

Release Notes
  • Faithful reprint of the original 1974 blue vinyl

La Casa del Lago came out just a year after Saint Just’s eponymous debut album. In 1973, the band was a very special trio, comprised of Jenny Sorrenti (voice), Antonio Verde (guitar) and Robert Fix (saxophone). They had a contract with Harvest (the same goes for Jenny’s brother Alan Sorrenti, who debuted with Aria the previous year), and managed to make a name for themselves in the vast Italian pop scene of the early ’70s.

While touring around Italy, they holed up in a ‘casa del lago’ – house by the lake – where they wrote two albums. While they might not have known it at the time, La Casa Del Lago would be their final album. Robert Fix departed from the group and Saint Just took on a few more members, adding drummer Fulvio Maras and guitarists Tito Rinesi and Andrea Faccenda. The result is a decidedly more rock-oriented LP on which rises the soaring, ethereal of voice Jenny Sorrenti.

We can only imagine what other classics Saint Just could have written had they continued on their way. Unfairly overshadowed by certain ‘conservative’ opinions on the beauty of its predecessor, this is a beautiful album to be rediscovered and re-evaluated!