Storia Di Un'Altra Città

Release Notes
  • Limited edition clear orange vinyl

From the Genoese group Garybaldi comes “Storie di un’altra città” (Stories From Another City), a full sixteen years after their previous album “La Ragione e Il Torto” and, thanks to a fresh, fluid and inspired songwriting, gives new vitality to one of the fundamental bands of the early ’70s Italian rock scene. A very diverse record, featuring bold, unsentimental guitars and keyboards that propel the album towards the future rather than looking wistfully towards the past.

The work is completed by the beautiful illustrations from artist Pietro Spica, who here renews his collaboration with the group after his ‘Garybaldy-ish’ artwork for the groups previous “Live in Bloom” incarnation.

This album features two very special guests – you can find guitarist Bambi Fossati on the tracks “Vicino in Un Momento” and “William Fix” as well as David Jackson (Van Der Graaf Generator) on sax and flute throughout.