Paul Parrish

The Forest of My Mind

Release Notes
  • Reissued for the first time on vinyl
  • Remastered from original master tapes
  • Liner notes by Jeremy Cargill (Got Kinda Lost Records/Ugly Things Magazine)

Arranged by Mike Theodore and prolific guitarist Dennis Coffey—who later worked together on Rodriguez’s Cold Fact—1968’s The Forest of My Mind is a solid dose of soul-soothing mellow tunes, rich with captivating pastoral odes. The album is a unique synthesis of pop, folk and psychedelic sounds flecked with a touch of Donovan Leitch-like whimsy, all steered into righteous and refined waters by future Motown staff producer Clay McMurray (Gladys Knight & The Pips, David Ruffin, The Temptations, the Four Tops) and aided by the wizened influence of the Motor City’s R&B/soul session-men of the era.

Despite the awe-inspiring sounds this near-masterpiece is bursting with, the album didn’t receive the accolades it rightly deserved in its day (due to some unfortunate flightiness from the original issuing label). One listen to the grandeur of The Forest of My Mind will have you singing the same tune as project producer McMurray: that the world must see how “simply wonderful this hidden jewel is.”