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Sharon Mhati Chatam (Reverberi)


Release Notes
  • Limited Edition LP 500 copies + download code
  • Glossy cover with title on cover in relief
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Originally released in 1973 on RCA, these obscure library tunes were produced by Maestro Gianfranco Reverberi employing the pseudonym “Ninety”, as he did for both the Psycheground Group (on the Italian library label Lupus) and for the Underground Set. In comparison to previous records, Fantasy is rooted closer to the murky erotic cult soundtracks created for Renato Polselli (Delirio Caldo, Riti Magie e Segrete Orge Nel Trecento) as heard on “Fire Shadows in the Sunset" which offers up congas, groovy piano, spacey synthesizers and rich vocals. Featuring the inspired track “I’ve Got An Idea” swathed in lush drums, hypnotic bass, trippy piano and beautifully phased flutes. From the jazzy grooves of “Closed in a Drugstore” to the psychedelic, cinematic sprawl of “Quel Che Non Saprei Dirti Mai a Parole”, Fantasy boasts a robust and eclectic mix.