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This first release from Parisian crew Deviant Disco, reflects the spirit of their parties and their tastes. Open minded diggers, looking for unknown gems to share, this maxi is aimed for DJs with a wide range of style : from afrobeat to newbeat, or balearic, italo disco, proto-house, with their french touch and sunny vibe, these tracks will make the dancefloor burn.

A1 – Jean Adamo – Vas y Molo

This first track, a rare nugget from the French afrobeat scene, is ideal to dive into a deviant but bright disco atmosphere. The singer, a complete stranger just arrived from his native Cameroun and intent on conquering Parisian discotheques, had the judicious idea to put the arrangements in the hands of his homolog Manu Dibango (not credited). Composed in 1979 by the jazzman JC Messonnier, this well-wrought song was not the work of mere amateurs. All this explains why such an obscure track has everything to make a dancefloor hit, though it never made it to the charts. Out of interest, a 7” by the great afrobeat band Matadi and Kassaby Déhé, was released on that same obscure label, Choc Music.

A2 – Yannick Chevalier – Écoute le Son du Soleil :

Written in Cannes during the 1984 MIDEM (a major international event for the music industry), “Ecoute le Son du Soleil” reflects the style Yannick Chevalier coined for his radio broadcasts, club shows and live sets, mixing singing with jingles and an MC-like voice.Four of his jingles can be heard in “Ecoute le Son du Soleil”. They were created with one of the very first harmonisers (Publison’s DHM 89). This effect, called “childlike” by Chevalier himself, is a virtual voice, like that of a character or a puppet answering a ventriloquist, which he used as cues in his club and radio shows.

B1 – Alain Maneval – Souviens-Toi du Futur

The face and voice of Alain Maneval, an ex-Rock Dandy, are both familiar to the French audience. As a radio and TV host, he discovered many new wave bands such as Henriette Coulouvrat or ChaCha Guitri, and made them known to a larger audience. In 1982, he was the first person to organize a Hip Hop party in France.

B2 – The System – Vampirella

Produced by Bob Lamb, also known for having recorded « Signing Off » – the first album by the reggae band UB 40 which launched them on the international scene – in the basement of his Birmingham furnished house, the Vampirella track composed by the System is the most peaceful track in this selection: a filtered, Warp style bassline breaking the waves, percussions resounding over chords played on an electric piano…a light and balearic proto-house ahead of its time.