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Frode Thingnæs

Feelin' Alright-old

Release Notes
  • Remastered from the original master tapes
  • 180Gram Vinyl
  • Sealed with Hype Sticker
  • High Quality Cardboard cover
  • Official reissue, limited to 500 units worldwide
  • Remastered by the legend Jan Erik Kongshaug at Rainbow Studios.

Feelin Alright is Frode Thingnæs first album. It is considered a Norwegian jazz masterpiece from 1974, a true holy grail amongst jazz collectors. It sells for high amounts online. It was originally released in small quantities with very limited distribution, mainly in Norway. Recorded in the 70’s, combining funk, folk songs, jazz and soul, makes it an unique album that represents the contemporary 70’s jazz scene in Norway.

This is the first official licensed re issue of the original album, exclusively through Preservation Records. We have found the original mastertapes in the national library vaults and the one and only Jan Erik Kongshaug have remastered it. He is considered one of the grand masters of Sound engineering. Altogether, he has produced over 4,000 jazz records, and is particularly known for his recordings of some 700 recordings for ECM Records since the early 70’s. A truly legend. He also plays at this session.