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Science Fiction

Terrible Lizards

Release Notes
  • PRIVATE PRESS avant masterpiece from 1980
  • Restored original album artwork and color scheme: Silver on black, clear vinyl
  • Re-mastered from the original master tapes
  • Includes liner notes and never before seen archival photos
Terrible Lizards
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“Terrible Lizards” and “Secret Agent Man,” are two inimitable records both privately released in 1981 in criminally limited quantities and the sole output of Northern California duo, Science Fiction. These records have become the stuff of legend, fetching insane prices from collectors and sometimes being so rare as to completely fall through the cracks of experimental and avant pop awareness.

“Terrible Lizards” contains two long form pieces that are at the intersection of Anton Bruckner and Gavin Bryars. The A-side is made up entirely of bleary tape loop manipulations – beautifully meditative musique concrete spaces similar to William Basinski. Side B employs more tape loops, but with a more compositional sensibility. A woman’s voice on loop is accompanied by a plaintive piano improvisation and a fuzzed out guitar solo a-la Eddie Hazel’s psychedelic meditation on Funkadelic’s “Maggot Brain.”