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Julien Grycan

Post Atom

Release Notes
  • Limited to 246 copies, housed in old style paste on sleeves

French acid folk with stoned vocals, Julien Grycan’s privately released album was made for a French car lot as a way to attract customers. Never distributed, this reverb laden, emotional filled album was original limited to 200 copies, but many were disposed making it a rare artifact. Influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and the psychedelic years of Herve Cristiani whom Julien befriended. Having been a cartoonist a the time, the artwork was originally done by Julien himself, however due to financial constraints he wasn’t able to print in color. This release offers the artwork in full color for the first time, as was originally intended. For fans of Beautiful Losers, the 1st Manset, Denis, Celebraton (Old Green Village) etc.