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Rock Machine

Release Notes
  • 500 numbered
  • Heavy sleeve, 180 gram pressing , 2 page insert, and 1 bonus track
  • Never reissued before as LP

This great Swedish album by BLUESET was recorded in Södertälje, not far from Stockholm, in 1974. Blueset recorded 2 singles on Efel prior to the album plus a another single the same year the album came out. This only LP is very rare and reaching high prices on the collectors market. Sine at least two of the original members on the album has passed away, it began a hard search for the music owners. Our friend Tomi found the original bass player from the singles (Ingemar Linder – who also supplied all photos for the reissue) and Kerstin, the widow of Kenth Loong, guitarist, singer and composer of the album. So we are happy to re-release this album for the first time on LP. The CD version comes out on Transubstans records. An unreleased album is in the vaults of a producer in Stockholm which hopefully will be mixed one day so it can be released too… Kenth Loong – guitar & vocals, Mikael Olofsson – bass, Claes Jansson – drums. Our LP has 1 bonus track from a rare single with Ingemar Linder on bass. ROCK MACHINE is highly recommended for fans of Hard Rock and heavy Blues-Psych, stoned hippie vibes, heavy guitar work, great English vocals and strong bass and drums grooves, very well produced and one of the best Scan album coming out this year.