Le Orme

In Concerto

Release Notes
  • Limited Edition Red and Black Vinyl

In the first half of the 70s the landscape of pop / rock music world was revolutionized by a current defined as ‘progressive’. For those groups who dared to deviate from the ‘commercial’ stream and propose something different, a double destiny was reserved: they could become a meteor-band, releasing only one LP or so before disappearing completely, or emerge from anonymity and capture the attention of major record labels.

This was the case of Le Orme who, after a debut on Car Juke-Box, were engaged by Philips, releasing several albums who made history. And in an attempt to ride the wave of success led by “Collage”, “Uomo di Pezza” and “Felona e Sorona”, the record label didn’t take long to propose the release of a live record, which turned out to be "In concert ", one of the first if not THE actual first live album ever printed in Italy.

The haste in wanting to market a new product with “Le Orme” brand on it prevailed on the quality of the recordings, consisting of one side fully improvised (the two parts of “Truck of Fire”) and the other with songs from the “Collage” LP; but the charm of this work, also due to the beautiful photographic cover, comes out unharmed, and the grooves of “In Concert” deliver us the ‘real’ Le Orme, without any tricks or deception, but sincere as only a live performance can be!

Replica of the original ’74 release / red & black mixed coloured vinyl edition.