Born in the early 60s as ‘Herr Mussita e i Nomadi’ by initiative from bassist / singer Franco Mussita, the group soon altered its name to ‘Nomadi’ until, not to clash with the namesakes of the famous authors of ‘Dio è morto’, they eventually and permanently changed into ‘I Raminghi’. Under this name the band began to play several stage and even TV appearances, and in the wake of a growing success they finally managed to record and release their only LP in 1971. The typical vehemence of their live performances is perhaps only partly transferred on the album tracks, but “Il lungo cammino dei Raminghi” is still a remarkable job, packed with beat, psychedelic, progressive and folk music, which certainly impressed the lucky ones who were able to listen to it at the time of its release. This album was in fact printed in very few copies, and is now among the rarest items of the early seventies Italian scene. Already reissued by Vinyl Magic in a CD papersleeve version, which is now out of print, “Il lungo cammino…” is now proposed in a faithful reproduction of the original release, with a 30×30cm mini-poster and a completely unheard song, “Non Farlo”! A beautiful work, to be rediscovered and re-evaluated as soon as possible!