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Allen Ruppersberg

No Time Left To Start Again, The B and D of R'n'R

Release Notes
  • Vol. 1 (dedicated to Little Richard) centers on R&B.
  • Vol. 2 focuses on country and folk songs…in other words, the combination of the ‘Blues’ and the ‘High Lonesome Sound’ that created Rock ‘n’ Roll.
  • Vol. 3 features a combination of plantation, jubilee, or dixie-themed songs, hillbilly records, or C&W and Bluegrass of some sort, and one “Heart” song, “Home Sweet Home.”
  • Vol. 4 features both white and black gospel and hymns, black spirituals, sermons and a couple of early field recordings
  • Vol 5 is a double album. Record 1 is Blues and record 2 is Jazz.
  • Vol 6. is R&B as it becomes R’n’R.
  • Vol. 7 includes a little bit of everything: after hours, pop, boogie-woogie, vocal groups, Chicago blues, New Orleans R&B, doo-wop, calypso, novelty, shouters & honkers, etc.

Allen Ruppersberg’s project subjectively explores the documentary history of Post-War American popular music and music graphics. With album covers designed by the artist, each record features tracks culled from 78 and 45 rpm records found in flea markets, antique malls, and junk shops.