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Slasher Dave


Release Notes
  • Black Vinyl LP with Download & Poster
  • Sleeve Art & Design by Slasher Dave.

It may be Halloween night at Moody’s Bowl-O-Rama, but it’s always Halloween night inside the mind of Slasher Dave. The perfect choice to score Silver Bullet Pictures’ uproarious 2014 horror-sex-comedy Chubbies (and certainly no stranger to horror films or teen sex comedies), Slasher Dave’s extensive knowledge of the genre is evident in the end result, which skillfully juggles whimsical 80’s teen-comedy cheez-whiz with the composer’s trademark they’re-coming-to-get-you aesthetic. The pumped-up synth-rock of hit single “Moody’s Bowl-O-Rama” just screams USA Up All Night, lending a cheeky authenticity to the spirit of the film. Tracks such as “Tricks ‘N’ Treats” and “Fun Size” speak directly to the film’s Halloween theme, as does “Chubbie Chaser,” with its ghostly synth leads and percolating, frenetic beat. Darker entries such as “Ass Ripping Terror” and “Electric Sex” serve as ominous reminders that this is still a horror film and, of course, a Slasher Dave LP (in other words, be afraid. Be VERY afraid). Coming directly from the planet Snerd to a turntable near you, Chubbies is certain to be the feel-good Halloween hit of the summer!