Le Orme


Release Notes
  • Limited edition transparent vinyl

“Collage”, apart from the album “L’aurora delle Orme”, a compilation released by Car Juke-Box record label to take advantage of the growing success of the Venetian band, is the second LP by Le Orme, and follows their 1968 beat/psychedelic “Ad Gloriam”. These elements almost completely disappeared in “Collage”, which was rather strongly affected by progressive rock contaminations from Great Britain, the territory in which the genre was spreading like wildfire already in 1971. Because of the military service, the young authors of “Ad Gloriam” became a trio: Tony Pagliuca (keyboards), Michi Dei Rossi (drums) and Aldo Tagliapietra (vocals, bass, acoustic guitar); the first of the three especially took a trip to England to explore the new rock sound of the time, and when he returned home the Italian pop music panorama changed forever. “Collage” is today a classic, both in its iconic cover photo and its music: never before had anyone in the Italian peninsula heard anything like that, if not of foreign origin. A cornerstone of what was then still called ‘Italian pop’, fundamental not only within the prog scene!