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Ayahuasca: Cumbias Psicodélicas Vol. 1

Release Notes
  • Glossy 20-page bi-lingual color booklet w/photos + info on the development of the Cumbias Psicodélicas sound
  • Limited to only 200x copies!

What have we here? At first glance it seems like the missing volume from our Groove Club series, which it so easily could have been! In short, it’s a stunning collection—which took more than fifteen years to put together—of tracks that combine cumbia with psychedelic rock. Starting in the late 1960’s, there was a boom of tropical music in Peru, both in Lima and the provinces. The music called ‘cumbia peruana’ merged this tropical sound with that of psychedelic rock. Peculiar aspects of traditional Colombian cumbia were mixed with electric (often fuzz) guitar, played over native Andean and jungle rhythms; this combination provoked an explosion of original musical styles: an instrument to lead the way, usually from the introduction of the song; over this, hypnotic layers of keyboards or guitar with wah wah, and simple bass-lines; to top it off, syncopated rhythms from percussion instruments such as bongos, congas, huiros, cymbals, timbales, among others, often played at breakneck speed, to drive the song forward. Simple, funky, effective. In the end, it’s like a sonic cousin to Nigerian music: these musicians liked guitar, they had a fondness for echo, and they loved a murky high-octane jam. Extremely limited mini-LP sleeve disc with 20-page bi-lingual, glossy, color booklet enclosed with photos and some background info on the bands and the development of the Cumbias Psicodélicas sound. Like all Lion/Repsychled titles, this is available exclusively worldwide from Lion Productions and our friends.