Sliding up from out from under, from the old heart of the Bay Area…from out of nowhere even—it’s a special new band. Hands up for the sweet and sour popsicles of PEACERS!

Pop music in the new century—what’s it all about? In the hands of PEACERS, it is BAKED—a vanillan cake with sweet sooty icing. Shades of the Bratish invision: compressions and crushes, bone-shakes and glutinous thinks, a wisp of the blues, ardor and romance scraping like the ceiling at your back. Carrying on like rock and roll never happened already, PEACERS unpack a century’s-worth of progress in fresh tunage, capering to classic beats such as ‘jetset,’ ‘showtunes,’ ‘British psyc (blues),’ ‘D.I.Y.,’ ‘subterranean homesic,’ ‘EMI (pistols)’ and the rest. With time short, PEACERS grab what scraps they can through the closing window and dance beneath the demeaned sky, with one flag waving free. Standing tall in a tangle of guitars drums, SLAPBACK, wireless hiss interference and other mixed signals (in STEREO), PEACERS’ debut is a max dash through the gutted and the gutter, all of which is written home about with a gleeful cock of the skull and twinkle in eye. Jolly!

The perspex of the songs and production both is saddled and well-traveled, but fresh under the glass—unmistakably out the poison-nib(well) of Mike Donovan, whose hits with Sic Alps will live forever, like candy wrappers glittering up from the sewer. And who’s producing you, PEACERS? Mike D’s ole SF cohort himself, Ty Segall, whose rhythm sections and arrangement commendations re-cast most of the tunes on the rec with copacetic co-ness! HEAVY and LITE, all right—in perfect sea-sawing in and out of the mire. Creeping out from beneath the rock stealth and spidery, redressing the good ol’ soc-hop days with an acid crash. Chaos, all details sucking through the guitar solo like a sudden rip through the walls of an airplane. Kicks! Glad and sorrow, but spat through a grin.

PEACERS—good wishes, but love and peace Come on. A great record’ll do—and now that they’ve done it, be sure to take the few extra steps to see PEACERSin action—Mike D on tour with Eric Park and Wendy Farina (SF, seasoned, noise-world pedigree, 2-piece bands—Duct Tape, Speaker Glue, etc) everywhere that you are or will be! Thanks PEACERS.