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Release Notes
  • 180 gram black vinyl in Stoughton gatefold tip on jacket + DL code

Whirr is a Bay area shoegaze punk band and Sway is easily my #1 seller over the past 12 months with just over 10k units sold. This is the ‘audiophile’ pressing if you will. We had the lacquers recut, pressed on 180 gram black vinyl and they’re now housed in a Stoughton gatefold tip on jacket. No other distributors have this pup. We can create a trivial release date for it as well if that would help.

When Sway begins, you might at first press pause, reaching for your headphone wire or peeking behind your speaker cables to make sure nothing has come undone. The blister of distorted guitar that opens the album comes only from the right channel, howling and hanging there in irascible isolation until it seems that something must be wrong.

But be patient: After a dozen seconds, the rest of Whirr—a five-piece of blanketing rock focus and comforting pop finesse—pours in from the left channel. They meet the guitar in the middle, together racing headlong into a short section that’s heavy as metal but pliable enough to be the springboard for the galloping shoegaze beauty that soon arrives.

For the next 36 minutes, you need not worry again about lost connections, split channels or anything else, really. More than any Whirr release to date, Sway creates a definitive sense of immersion, sculpting an environment that breathes you in instantly and breathes you out only when the record snaps into silence.