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Ep 1

Release Notes
  • A Vinyl pressing limited to 300 copies of CUTS’ ‘EP1’. All formats will come with a link to stream and watch the films online.

“A mystery shrouded AV project, CUTS entire existence revolves around the soni and aesthetic stimuli. Their disconcerting video works are soundtracked by jet black, gradually unfurling drone sagas, nestled somewhere between glacial shifts of emeralds and tribal apocalypse. Segueing from diving-bell-deep growls to sky scraping, synthetic pearls. CUTS live and recorded output thus far promises equally astounding things to come.”
- Crack Magazine.

UK-based audio/visual artist CUTS came into the world at the tail end of 2012, claiming the influences of abandoned spaces, white noise and sleep paralysis.

Due to release a 5 track EP on Invada Records this summer, CUTS will also reveal a series of films inspired by interpretations of dream spaces and blurred realities, primarily influenced by the experience of sleep paralysis. Each video correlates to a track on the EP; ‘CUTS 01’ – ‘CUTS 05’.

Live, CUTS provides a stark and unflinching A/V show, playing in darkness so the films projected upon the stage can be the focal point. Despite being a largely studio-based project, performance is where CUTS truly comes to life; visually arresting, loud and sonically uncompromising. “Like being crushed by something vaguely ominous” according to Louder Than War.