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Don Muro

As Long As I’ve Got You

Release Notes
  • Limited to 500 copies for Record Store Day 2015
  • Cover art by Box Brown, author of NYT Best Seller “Andre The Giant – Life & Legend”

Just when you think the world has uncovered all of the best of the unreleased recordings of the 1970’s, a man like Don Muro drops a single like this on our heads and brightens up the world. With just the perfect amount of arena anthem hooks and colorful synthesizer solos, these are the love songs that you want to hear while you’re making out in the back of the roller rink with lights flashing all around you. Fans of upbeat pop hits from folks like Brian Eno, Pilot or Todd Rundgren will wonder how they lived until now without these 3 songs in their life.

When we reissued Don Muro’s 1977 debut album “It’s Time” in 2013, we had no idea that such remarkable songs existed from the years preceding it. It is sincerely an honor to be able to to share them with the world for the very first time. The raw emotion of a young man dealing with the elation and confusion of love combined with the diligent brilliance of a musical genius resulted in some of the most enjoyably moving songs of their time. And on Record Store Day 2015 they can finally be heard.

“Don Muro’s songs feel like songs you’ve heard before: on a discarded Nuggets comp or a Laurel Canyon folk pop album you’re sure your mother owned, something you caught late at night on an AOR rock station fading just out of signal or soundtracking a grainy public access science show.” – Jason P. Woodbury (Aquarium Drunkard)