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Release Notes
  • 500 numbered / heavy gatefold sleeve / A2 poster / 4 page insert / printed inner sleeve / 180 gram pressing / 7 " single with cover
  • First time ever a legit LP reissue
  • Beside Culpeper’s Orchard the most important Danish underground prog album

Beside Culpeper’s Orchard perhaps the most important underground prog album produced in Denmark. The whole concept of this album works out perfectly. Great songs, heavy, touchy, great guitars and organ, beautiful vocals, just a perfect match. Robert Lelièvre (vocals & guitar) did compose all of the music. He sadly passed away early in 1973.
In February 1970 producer Freddy Hansson lost the master tapes which where just recorded and the album had to be re-recorded again. Thomas Puggaard-Müller on lead guitar, Henning Verner on piano, organ, vibes, Arne Würgler on bass & cello and Michael Puggaard-Müller on drums.

Pan is a Danish rock band with cult status. Our release includes many unseen photos by the original photographer Teit Jørgensen including the poster, plus photos from Steen Møller Rasmussen, a 4 page insert with great stories and liner notes by our friend Claus Rasmussen, personal drawings by the family of Robert Lelièvre, the original single with cover – a complete PAN collection!

After Pan split up musicians became members of bands such as Blast Furnace, Culpeper’s Orchard, Delta Blues Band.