Light In The Attic Zine Issue 7 (Winter/Spring 2015)

Release Notes
  • Exclusive interviews with Françoise Hardy, Willie Nelson, and Sly Stone
  • Spotlight on Native North America artist Sugluk (feat. on cover- if that’s not a tough look for 2015, we don’t know what is!)
  • Chock full of new, super cool features to melt your mind
  • Secrets of LITA co-owner Josh Wright revealed!

Legend has it that each year on Record Store Day, the Light In The Attic zine magically appears, as if by alchemy, in fine retailers across the globe. These small, ancient, newsprint catalogs of days gone by unveil highlights from the past year’s releases, teasers of things to come, and other pertinent musical musings.

This year, the zine gets a makeover; we spiced things up a bit to add just a touch more flare. In this issue, you’ll find new features like the first ever LITA-centric crossword puzzle, horoscopes, a fan art contest winner revealed, and new editorial features, both by and about the very employees at LITA who grease the cogs. Zine 7 on fleek, if you will.

Intrigued yet? The zine, as always, costs ZERO DOLLARS! That’s right… it’s FREE! How can we afford to do this? Well frankly, we can’t, but we like ya, so we do it anyway! Pick one up at your local wax purveyor on Record Store Day, find one in select LITA releases, or order your very own copy from this page by clicking that there newfangled order button! (Small print: even though the zine is always free, if you order online we have to charge 2 bucks for shipping.)