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The grainy, haunted beauty of Jandek’s early work went through many phases, never quite as varied and multi-faceted as the material on his 4th album “Chair Beside A Window” released in 1982.

The relatively wide range of “Chair Beside A Window” gives insight into the influences on the seemingly impenetrable Jandek sound. Hearing the blown-out harmonica bluster of “You Think You Know How To Score” it’s hard not to imagine it as the Jandek equivalent of a Dylan phase, however insanely translated.

Most notable in terms of both variance and firsts is the standout track “Nancy Sings”, featuring the first time we hear an outside vocalist. This song, a sad and empty blues featuring stunning female vocals, could easily be argued for as the moment freak-folk was born. Nods to folk blues, early gospel and even some strange takes on group jams appear. The layers of intentions and emotional frequency are always a mystery, but the mystery is more colorful and relatable here than it ever was before.

Vinyl for this album has been unavailable since the initial pressing and has been sought ravenously by collectors ever since. Working in direct collaboration with Corwood Industries, we’re thrilled to offer this exact repress, heavyweight vinyl edition