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World Of

Release Notes
  • 3rd album by the programmer of French hippest radio : Radio Nova
  • A great mix of Reggae, Soul, latin music with guests : Shawn lee, Akale Wube, Biga Ranx, PupaJim, John Milk, J.Blakkamoore
  • Deluxe packaging : Double 180g vinyl, gatefold replica cover, stickers
  • Collector edition for Record Store Day : A bonus 7" inserted

The third album by Blundetto, the man behind French radio station Radio Nova. For this album, he digs further his own musical way : soulful reggae, with a cinematic, latin or African vibes and the same team of musicians around him. As usual he invited some guests on vocal, some big names of the French reggae scene (Biga Ranx or PupaJim), NY MC Jahdan Blakamoore or some new comers as John Milk and Marina P. With his first two albums, Blundetto has built a strong fan base of music lovers around the world. Once again in parallel of the quality of the music, the quality of the packaging will be there : Double LP replica cover with stickers and download card included.