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Armando Trovajoli

The Beat Generation

Release Notes
  • Original artwork.
  • Sound restoring and master done by Roberto Zamori at Film Music Art Studio.

What you have here is probably the rarest and coolest album ever done by Armando Trovajoli (original copies changes hands for 300 euro!). Originally released on RCA in 1960, the Beat Generation is a jazz album where Trovajoli and his great orchestra plays awesome versions of classic themes – plus one original composed by the Maestro – with the usual swing that is his trademark.
Featuring Jimmy Pratt and Sergio Conti on drums; Berto Pisano on bass guitar; Enzo Grillini and Franco Pisano on guitar; Trumpets: Oscar Valdambrini, Nini Rosso, Nino Culasso, Beppe Cuccaro, Baldo Panfili; Trombone: Dino Piana, Bill Gilmore, Mario Midana, Ennio Gabbi, Enzo Forte, Mario Pezzotta; Saxophones: Attilio Donadio, Sergio Valenti, Livio Cerveglieri, William Hawthorne, Gianni Basso, Marcello Cianfanelli, Gino Marinacci; Gino Marinacci on flute and Maestro ARMANDO TROVAIOLI on piano.